Registered Nurses

Where you are full time or just looking to generate additional income part time, Nursing agency jobs give nurses the flexibility to choose when and where they work

The average 9-5 schedule can sometimes be challenging for nurses – which is why working with Faithma Care Services enables your choose shifts that suit your lifestyle and target income.

So Why Faithma Care Services

• Shift Schedule Flexibility – You can choose when you are available for bookings and when you will be absent to suit your lifestyle and have an optimum work/life balance

• Higher rate of pay – Unlike full time positions our nursing agency rates are significantly higher than working as an average employee and even higher than our competitors.

• Multiple Assignments – Unlike a regular fixed position, Faithma Care services offers a variety of placements in various locations and various payment packages. These opportunities are great way to develop and diversify your skills and knowledge while getting paid

Frequently Asked Questions

Picking the right nursing agency depends on multiple factors. To find out what’s in your best interest we’ve asked other nurses what burning questions they considered before signing with us:

• Where does Faithma Care Services offer placements? Our primary focus is in the North West

through our experience as a nursing agency in Bolton and a nursing agency in Manchester we place based on the client most suitable for your experience /closest to you

• Is the agency a preferred supplier for places you would like to work? We are currently establishing long term relationship with key Care Home groups and other independent fronts, so you may find Faithma Care Services being the preferred provider which could potentially increase the number of placements in a rea you want to work in

• Will I be given training that will boost my career and education? Our on going training ensures you stay update with all current regulation standards

• What rates will I be paid? This varies on the placement but typically we like to hear what nursing agency rate you think would be in our best interested. We have paid up to £18-25 an hour on select shifts

Our commitment does not end with our clients it extends to our staff as well. Our attention to detail and amiable approach gives our workers the support they need. We at Faithma Care Services want you to succeed and perform to best of your abilities.